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With Streamsheets™, technical or business end users can create stream processing applications by using their existing spreadsheet knowledge (e.g. from Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets). As a no-code platform, it gives non-programmers the opportunity to work with event streams and create applications through drag and drop, filling cells with values and formulas, and creating charts and graphs in the way they already know.

Streamsheets can be used in many areas of IoT, Stream Processing and Protocol conversion or gateways to build apps that enable wormkflow automation, monitoring, and perform control in real-time. Your solution can run either in the cloud or on-prem.

For more information on Streamsheets, refer to the official website and the official documentation.

Requirements for usage with Nerve

A trial license and files from Cedalo A Nerve Management System with at least one node registered

Send an email to or use this form to request a trial version for the on-premise version of Streamsheets.