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Nerve Kit contents

The contents of the kit are delivered in two separate boxes, a small box and a large box. The small box contains the MFN 100 including the Hardware Installation Guide and a mating connector. The large box has the remaining components of the kit: the mounting plate, the SIMATIC I/O module and the digital I/O terminal block.

A power cord and two network cables are also required to finish the setup.

Content overview

Hardware Software
  • MFN 100-C64xx
  • SIMATIC ET200SP I/O system including:
    • 1x SIMATIC ET 200SP bundle PROFINET IM,
      IM 155-6PN ST
    • 1x SIMATIC ET 200SP 8x24V DC digital input
    • 1x SIMATIC ET 200SP 8x24V DC digital output
  • Digital I/O terminal block
  • Illuminated push button
  • 24V DC Power supply
  • 1x Mating connector
  • 1x Network cable
  • MFN 100-C64xx device description file
  • SIMATIC ET200SP I/O device description file
  • Two default CODESYS projects

The device descriptions and the default CODESYS applications can be downloaded from the Nerve Software Center. The login credentials for the Nerve Software Center can be found in the customer profile that has been sent as part of the delivery.

Power connectors overview

The power connectors are located at the bottom of the MFN 100 next to the label. There are two separate 24 V inputs, two GND inputs and one Functional Earth (FE) input. The inputs are fused internally. The fuse cannot be replaced by the user. The power supply inputs are protected against reverse polarity.

Pin Description
1 Power supply line 2
4 Power supply line 1
5 Functional Earth (FE)


The GND and FE pins (pins 2, 3, and 5) are electrically connected to the housing.