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Nerve Kit

The Nerve Kit is a ready-to-use hardware and software package, designed to support learning and training needs around digitalization. The kit provides everything needed to start collecting, storing and analyzing data, and can be expanded with custom sensors and IOs e.g. IO Link Master. Nerve provides a virtualized software environment, enabling the implementation and remote management of multiple containers or virtual machines for specific use case. In addition, the kit can be used to connect to real-time data sources and update real-time control applications remotely via the Management System.

Key features

The Nerve Kit is fully integrated in a robust, portable case suitable for lab use and demonstrations. Start with default control applications, then develop and deploy custom applications and extend the kit’s functionality by adding sensors and actuators.

Plug and play Extendable
  • Fully configured Data Services for ingesting PROFINET, MQTT and OPC UA data
  • Two pre-installed CODESYS control applications for demo purposes
  • Pre-configured Grafana dashboard for visualization of data (available locally and in the cloud)
  • Workloads (CODESYS programs) available for deployment from the Management System to the Nerve Device
  • Extra digital I/Os available for adding sensors to extend functionality
  • Data Services can be configured for new data streams including EtherCAT and Modbus TCP/IP
  • Customizable Grafana dashboard for visualization of new sensor data
  • Newly created workloads (virtual machines / containers / CODESYS programs) can be deployed from the Management System to the Nerve Device