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Nerve Management System API documentation

The Nerve Management System API documentation is written according to the OpenAPI 3 standard and can be viewed in the Swagger UI below.

Note that some parts of the Nerve Management System API are still in migration to the OpenAPI standard. This means that not all functions are available in OpenAPI. Missing functions are gradually added to the OpenAPI standard and will be documented as soon as they are ready.

In the meantime, refer to the Legacy API documentation below for more information on how to work with the legacy implementation using a python-based API wrapper.


  • The serial number needs to be entered in all capital letters for all functions requiring a serial number input.
  • For pointers on how to work with the Management System API, e.g. how to create client source code, refer to Working with the Management System API.

Legacy API documentation

Functions that have not yet been migrated to the OpenAPI standard are available/can be used with a python-based API wrapper. Download the from the Nerve Software Center. The login credentials for the download can be found in the customer profile.

For more information, write an issue through the TTTech Industrial support portal.