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Getting started

Nerve is an industrial edge computing platform that delivers flexibility and openness. It provides a software infrastructure for the plant floor and the cloud that enables users to access data, manage devices and deploy applications remotely. As a modular system, modules can be licensed individually or combined to deliver more functionality. Nerve is used by machine builders and plant operators at every stage of their digitalization and Industrial IoT projects.

Follow the instructions below to set up Nerve for the first time. They serve as a guideline from receiving the Nerve Device and software until Nerve is running and ready to be used.

  1. Check the contents of the delivery:


    • The MFN 100 is only part of the delivery if acquired with Nerve software, and it comes with Nerve pre-installed, whereas third party devices need to be ordered from the manufacturers directly and Nerve needs to be installed manually.
    • If an item has not been part of the delivery, contact a sales representative or write an issue through the TTTech Industrial support portal.
  2. Select a Nerve Device from the table below. Each device page covers device setup, Nerve software installation and setting up the node in the Management System in step-by-step instructions.

    Nerve Devices
    MFN 100 Kontron Kbox A-150-APL Kontron Kbox A-250
    Maxtang AXWL10-8665U Siemens SIMATIC IPC427E Siemens SIMATIC IPC127E
    Supermicro SuperServer E100-9AP-IA Supermicro SuperServer 1019D-16C-FHN13TP Supermicro SuperServer 5029C-T
    Toshiba FA2100T-700 Vecow SPC-5600-i5-8500 Winmate EACIL20

    Security recommendation

    It is strongly recommended to change the Local UI and host access passwords after the installation for security reasons.

  3. The system is up and running. Check out these recommended topics in the Management System next:

    • Management System overview
      Take a look here to get a grasp of the menus and features of the Management System.
    • Adding a user
      As an admin, look at how to add new users to the Management System.
    • Adding a new role
      Similar to above, if new users are created, they might need separate roles.
  4. Workloads are one of the core features of Nerve. Create one with the instructions for each workload type below:

  5. Created workloads are best when deployed to nodes. Deploy workloads to nodes by following the instructions below:

This concludes the initial setup and the introduction to the base features of the Nerve system. Take a look at the suggested topics below for a deeper dive into Nerve: