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Data Transfer from CODESYS to the Management System#


The configuration and visualization of new variables with the Nerve Datapath and Grafana is not available in version 2.0 of Nerve Blue. This chapter covers steps and information before the the visualization is configured. The Nerve Datapath and Grafana visualization will be available with version 2.1.

The kit sends data that is generated in CODESYS from the MFN 100 to the Management System using variables. This chapter gives a quick overview on how to configure new variables.


The CODESYS runtime has an integrated OPC UA server which you can configure via the CODESYS Development System. The data from the OPC UA server is received by an OPC UA client and written into the database in the Management System.

You can use the following global variables to transmit data to the Management System:

Global Variables
BOOL_1 Integer_1 Real_1 STRING_1
BOOL_2 Integer_2 Real_2 STRING_2
BOOL_3 Integer_3 Real_3 STRING_3
BOOL_4 Integer_4 Real_4 STRING_4
BOOL_5 Integer_5 Real_5 STRING_5

The following instructions are only needed if new variables are added or a completely new CODESYS project is created.

Configuring the CODESYS OPC UA Server#

In the CODESYS Development System you can configure which variables are available in the OPC UA server. Configuring variables requires an object called Symbol Configuration

  1. Open the CODESYS project you want to configure the variables in.
  2. Expand Device (Nerve_MFN_100) > PLC Logic.
  3. Right click Application.
  4. Select Add Object.
  5. Click Symbol Configuration...

    !Symbol Configuration

  6. Tick Support OPC UA Features.

    !Support OPC UA Features

  7. Click Add

Adding Variables to the OPC UA Server#

Before you can add variables to the OPC UA server, you have to add the object Symbol Configuration to the tree structure. Please see the instructions above on how to add the Symbol Configuration to the tree structure.

  1. Open the CODESYS project you want to configure the variables in.
  2. Expand Device (Nerve_MFN_100) > PLC Logic > Application.
  3. Double-click Symbol Configuration.
  4. Click Build.


  5. Expand GVL.

  6. Tick the variables you want to add to the OPC UA server.

    !Add Variables