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Release notes

This page contains a list of features, changes, known issues and known limitations of the Nerve releases.

Version 2.1.0

This version was released on May 7, 2020.

Feature list

Component Features
Base System Support for additional hardware (Atom based & Core I5 based COTS hardware)
Licensing enforcement
Hardware Support MFN 100
Kontron KBox A-150-APL
Kontron KBox A-250
Vecow SPC-5600-i5-8500
Hypervisor Xen 4.11
OS Support Optimized workflow for Windows workload consolidation
Management System General UX improvements, workflow optimizations
Remote service access (VNC, RDP, SSH)
Remote port tunneling
Centralized logging support for internal logs (Elasticsearch/Kibana)
Basesystem updates and patching
Management System updates and patching
Workload Management Support for local repositories
Local UI for Workload Management
GUI based CODESYS application archive export in the Local UI
User Management Role-based access control to Management System
Soft PLC Remanent variables for CODESYS workloads