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Latest documentation updates


Updated documentation to reflect version 2.4.1. New and updated chapters are:

Nerve Data Services updates:

Other updates:

  • Added a real-time performance monitoring tutorial.
  • Added a device guide page for the Toshiba FA2100T-700.
  • Moved all tutorials to their own Tutorials section.
  • Moved latest documentation updates to their own page.
  • Moved everything related to workload control and workload specific features to a new workload control section.
  • Added a "What's new?" section to highlight the most recent product features in a blog style post.
  • Minor updates, typo corrections and improvements.


Updated documentation to reflect version 2.3.1:

  • Added Release Notes for 2.3.1
  • Nerve Data Services: Adapted documentation for new features (Kafka Producer output, incremental data mode and custom JSON format messages for JSON outputs)
  • Minor changes and improvements

Added the Security Recommendations section.
Moved the Downloads and Previous Versions sections to the footer.


Completed documentation for version 2.3.0. The latest updates include:

Nerve Data Services
Data Services documentation reworked to reflect the implementation of the new GUI and the local Gateway as the single point of configuration.


Partial release of version 2.3.0 documentation. New and updated chapters are: